City Lights
2014Pandora's City
2014The City
2014NY on the Hudson
2014NY Harbor to the George Washington Bridge
2011December in NYC
2014Storm Entering Manhattan
2012New York, NY
2012NY Harbor at Dusk
2012Leaning Tree
2011South of the Metropolitan Museum
2012Bridges Along the Harlem River
2011East of the Metropolitan Museum
2012Caryatids Along the Hudson River
2011Autumn on the Hudson River at Wave Hill
2011Hudson's Dancing Trees
2011Panorama of NYC
2013New York Skyline
2013The New, New York City Skyline
2013Empire State Icon
2012NY Harbor Graffiti
2012NY Graffiti
2012NY City Rain
2013Moonlights (Empire State Bldg)
2013New Moon Over the Rare View Bar (Empire State Bldg)
2013Empire State Bldg
2013George Washington Bridge from the Cloisters, NYC
Paintings of New York City
Imagine being on the Observation Deck in Rockefeller Center, looking south to the tip of Manhattan. The bay is soaked in New York humidity, sky and clouds soften in blended light. Buildings penetrate the earth, like needles in a pincushion.

There is a dynamic energy here. If you ever looked down on the city from a plane preparing to land, the buildings form a blanket waiting to envelop everything. Here is the “push and pull” of life, the dialectics of humanity, the text of our time.

It’s where I belong.

The Bronx is the only borough of New York City whose land mass connects seamlessly with the mainland. We have more park land than any other borough but we are considered the poorest. Out of the grit of our experiences we have woven truths that sustain us. There is a tough beauty here. An outspoken honesty cleanses our reality. We know what we’re not.

I love drawing and painting the Bronx view of the Hudson River.